Welcome to Reemarkabl.com, a content and connect platform that aims to bring in remarkable stories of people and places across industries, nationally and globally. Its objective is to share stories and features of sense and not sensation, stories of progress rather than regress. Reemarkabl.com is an endeavour by Ms Reema Lokesh, journalist, clarity coach, teacher, classical dancer, panel moderator and an eternal optimist.

She steadfastly believes that the world is made up of remarkable people who have remarkable stories to share. With over 23 years of work experience, including five years as a teaching professional in the field of political science and the rest 18 years well spent in the field of journalism, wherein she served as Editor– Hospitality and Travel vertical –Business Publications Division of The Indian Express Group, she decided to move on from her comfort zone leaving her upbeat work place with an aim to build something equally and more upbeat. She looks back at her professional journey with pride and satisfaction as integrity and ethics worked as her manna, fuelling her passion to excel.

Working full time in the media space in the hospitality and travel industry, she has travelled extensively, locally as well as globally, every time coming back home feeling enriched through every experience. Her journeys brought her close to people and places that have inspired her at every juncture and she firmly believes that the world has a plethora of remarkable stories to share, stories of magnificence rather than just miseries, stories of hope and harmony rather than hatred, stories of inspiration rather than insensitivity. Reemarkabl.com welcomes you to a world of thought provoking content, coupled with meaningful conversations that are precise and powerful rather than being preachy or pompous. Stay connected, Stay Reemarkabl.


Started in March of 2020.