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A story of miracles and @reemarkabl story of survival and strength

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26/11 Mumbai attacks… Nariman house from destruction to development from pain to progress…

Video, Script, Narration – Reema Lokesh, senior journalist, clarity coach and founder –

Special thanks to Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, Head of the Chabad in India.

It was the night, 13 years ago when Mumbai, India came to screeching halt. The city was taken unawares by dastardly act of terror and devastation. Amidst the city’s premium hospitality zones, to city hot spots, there was a spot tucked away in the narrow paths of 4th Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai, India, which also fell a prey to the brutal acts of terror. Discreet till the night of 26/11/08, Nariman House suddenly got the focus of both national and international press as it was a place that witnessed merciless killings, but also witnessed some unexplained miracles.

The place witnessed the miraculous survival of a 2-year-old toddler famously called Baby Moshe. His parents Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg and his wife Rifka Holtzberg were gunned down by the terrorists.

Our story on Reemarkabl, is not about highlighting the pain or destruction, but to celebrate the good over evil and how a single light can repel acts of darkness. Nariman House today, is buzzing with life back again and the Jewish centre called the Chabad House, clearly believes in the thought that spreading light one flame at a time is so much more powerful than the bullets of the AK47.

In an exclusive interview, with Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, the head of the Chabad in India, Reemarkabl, is glad to share his thoughts and the power of the candle that goes again gravity to rise above and so is our soul.

Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, the head of the Chabad in India

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