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“Crypto’s Will Soon Be Used For Transacting Across All Travel Products”

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“Cryptos will soon be used for transacting across all travel products”, says Ankush Nijhawan, co-e & joint MD – and Managing Director, Nijhawan Group.

In an exclusive with Reema Lokesh, founder and editor- in – chief,, he also feels the future of travel is very buoyant.

Role of Crypto and NFT in the travel industry ?
Cryptos will soon be used for transacting across all travel products may that be flights or hotels or sightseeing activities to cafes. There have come up various crypto wallets that automatically change crypto to fiat currencies so you can make payments. This is just the first step. With the adoption of crypto happening across the world, soon it might get Govt approvals as a currency rather than a trading asset.
NFT in travel ?
What are NFT ? NFTs put simply are non fungible tokens which means the value of a similar token can be different from each other.
Take the example of a painting of a mountain hill with a flowing river.
We would soon see a tons of travel bloggers coming up with their own NFT collections in the form of a travel photo NFT from the alps or their first sky diving video.
Travel experiences will be the most benefitted with NFTs, special and exclusive experiences will be at the core of some cool travel NFTs in the world soon.

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