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@reemarkabl celebrates a remarkable life of a 103 year old plus self-made woman of grit, with an almost clear eye sight, she shares her vision and views

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@reemarkabl celebrates a remarkable life @103 plus, a woman of grit, who has never missed a single election as a citizen to cast her vote, she did so even when she turned a 100 years of age, she enjoys playing on the IPad, does face time with family abroad, makes chapatis (Indian bread) effortlessly, does her household chores with ease, solves crosswords regularly and has a near-perfect vision, Shushilaben Dahyabhai Jhaveri, a 103-year-old citizen from Padra, Baroda, Gujarat, India, shares her life’s vision and views…

Celebrating Life

She is full of life. At 103 plus she has near-perfect eyesight, plays on the IPad, regularly solves crosswords, does FaceTime with her family in the US She believes in eating right and healthy. She does her own everyday household chores with ease, makes chapatis effortlessly and detests the thought of consuming any medication. She has religiously visited the polling booth to caste her vote and never missed a single election. She did so even when she turned a 100 years of age, as she believes in democracy. She is a woman of self-discipline, a strong-willed senior citizen with a positive spirit. She believes firmly that human connections and conversations are to be cherished. She feels, the present generation needs to eat right, think well and stay connected in person and not only through gadgets. She still enjoys her sweets, her regular cold coffee and believes that fitness comes clearly by following a healthy routine and lifestyle.

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a senior journalist, clarity coach, classical dancer, panel moderator and an eternal optimist.
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