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Teen makes impact with `Shakti 1K Mission’. Trains teenage girls to combat any form of sexual assault via simple but powerful Kung Fu techniques.

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By Reema Lokesh – Team Reemarkabl

With 31st December just around the corner, with all the pleasure there can be pain if one does not tread carefully. To all the young girls and women out there, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and Kung Fu trainer and practitioner, 16 year old Vedant J Maheshwari has taken up the mission to spread the message of self-defense through his expertise.

The young boy has walked the talk recently, wherein he took up the mission to teach a 1000 plus female students vital self-defense techniques during his term break in India.

What triggered his work and mission are stories of assault, molestation and unsettling experiences on the streets that emerged from conversation amidst his friends and family both nationally and globally. He chose to start in Rajasthan – and has successfully conducted his Kung Fu self-defense programme by sharing simple but powerful techniques to stay protected.

Dr Shradha, Director of Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women said, “It is really inspirational that at such a young age, 16-year-old Vedant is tackling a sensitive and critical societal issue.”

 Receiving encouraging response for Rajasthan, he now plans to expand the mission to cover many other schools & colleges in India. The teen has also authored a book titled, “Kung Fu – Everyone’s Invited: 8 Smart Self- defense Techniques you must know”.

Speaking about the initiative, Vedant says “Your most important person should be you. You owe it to yourself to learn basic self- defense.

Vedant also shares with us 3 top tips to staying safe in the car especially during night outs.

1) Before travelling anywhere or in any car, send your locations to some close friends or family with the destination so that they know if you have gone any untimed roads and need any help.

2) Make sure you are not distracted by your phone or looking downwards. Make sure your eyes are on the road and you know whether you are taking the main road or going off course so that you can be prepared and call for help if necessary.

3) Always be prepared to attack or defend yourself. If you use your fist, I recommend punching the nose as it will water their eyes, or the throat. Make sure you follow up with many punches and use all your power.

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