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“The Buddhist circuit will be Tourism’s future Diamond Sector”

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Dr Kaulesh Kumar

Dr Kaulesh Kumar, Secretary General, Association of Buddhist Tour Operators (ABTO) firmly feels, we all need to Unite for Tourism. An exclusive with Reemarkabl – by Reema Lokesh.

1. What are the new features added to the ABTO convention post the pandemic?

We are aiming to start ASIAN MAHOTSAV in Asian Countries to build awareness.

We have started the STUDENT CLUB OF ABTO for those students who has done or doing Tourism and Hotel Management Courses.

ABTO is present in more than 25 Countries, so students can benefit from the spread.

ABTO firmly believes that tourism is all about. One World!

One Tourism!!

One Platform- ABTO

Cross border tourism is the strength of tourism.

2. Are there any peculiar challenges that the Buddhist circuit faces in the new tourism world?

The Buddhist tourism circuit is yet to receive high end tourism business. We get them but only few in number. The travellers on the circuit are primarily budget travellers. This sector lacks high end infrastructure namely airports and 5 star hotels etc. We feel within 10 years some more airports and luxury hotels will be constructed to serve this specific target audience.

3. What are the primary highlights of the convention 2022?

We aim to highlight the following,

  • Buddhist Circuit will be the Diamond Sector in Future.
  • We will start campaign of VISIT ASIA 2025. We aim to invite travellers to please visit Asia and also invite Asian country and request tourists to please give their first preference to visit Asian Countries.

4. What are the convention theme and its focal point?

The theme is One World! One Tourism!!

The message is – “Sharing & Service to All”

He are here to help each other and support each other and our members at large with information, resources etc.

We are an Association of Buddhist Tour Operators-ABTO are interested in promoting Tourism & Culture with Tourist Destinations specially in Buddhist Places and promote the same across the Globe.

5. Why Kolkata as a convention destination, since the others happened at Bodh Gaya?

With regard to the Buddhist Sector, Most tourists come from Asian Countries and Kolkata is the Gateway of all Asian Countries with all type of Tourism Facilities.

As a Tour Operators Association, our main aim is to increase tourist in Four Holy Places like Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath & Kushinagar.

From Kolkata we are giving clear message to BBIN , SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries that if in the future the world faces any crisis, we should keep travel alive via Cross Border Tourism.

6. What are the futuristic views regarding the Buddhist sector?

We feel in the coming years, the Buddhist circuit will be considered as the Diamond Sector of Tourism. We all need to Unite for Tourism.

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