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We as an industry are the victims of stereotype and this needs to stop.

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Pradip Saaboo

Pradip Saaboo, Managing partner, Guideline Travels LLP envisions the way toward for Guideline Travels and the Tourism industry at large. In an exclusive with Reema Lokesh, founder – Reemarkabl, he clearly states, to succeed ones has to stay focus toward your goal.

1: When did the journey and the passion toward travel begin ?

The idea was pending for a while and it finally got into shape in the year 1997, outside the operation theatre when my wife Monika was delivering our first child, my daughter – Shristi.
Partly I was also wanting to change my line of work as I wasn’t having a good run at the Share market. So all the points combined, we ventured into the Hospitality Industry with our company – Guideline Holidays

2: What motivated you to establish Guideline ?

My motivation to run a business comes from my family values. We have always been an entrepreneurial family and I continue to do so.
I wanted to start and be in the business of planning travels & holidays for people as at that time the travel industry was unstructured with only a handful of travel agents.
I saw this as an opportunity and that is where it all started.

3: As a tourism thought leader, what are the pressing challenges that tourism faces and what is the solution in real terms ?

We as an industry are the victims of a stereo type that we are not specialists in our field of work and so while any other professional can charge a fee for their service, on the other hand we are expected to do it for free !! The online onslaught multiplied the problems a agent faces as often the client would seek knowledge from the professionals (always call myself a doctor of the travel problem) and book online without any back up service.
This will keep on happening till we all come together as an industry and decide to change and break this stereotype thereby to receive our due recognition as people who are professionals and shaping a dream vacation for a client.

4: I have always seen you work amidst all challenges. What’s your strategy of survival ?

My strategy since I started my first business of share broking is to Have a Focusses Approach to the task at Hand. Focus is the most important thing which will help any business go a long way. Think of an innovative idea and then focus on the action.

5: What’s your message for the Gen Nxt ?

There is no short cut to success.
One has to go through the grind in order to sustain and make it big. Patience is the first element a new comer will need to establish and succeed. Focussed Approach will be key to success.

6: What according to you are the future products that Tourism needs to focus on and the way to build it ?

The New Age traveller has evolved and is constantly looking for off beat options. The traditional options and ways of travel do not work as a blanket for all anymore.
We as professionals should constantly keep upgrading our knowledge, so we are able to innovate new products and cater to the diverse needs of a client better. Like few years ago we introduced religious tourism… medical tourism or celebratory tourism could be now explored.

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