Dedicated Doctors during Covid-19, An Appeal for Plasma Donation

1 Mins read shares a vital and strong message from Dr. Anuj Tiwari, Senior Registrar in Dr. R. N. Cooper Hospital, Mumbai that Plasma Donation is the need of the hour, to make better headway during these challenging times brought about by the Corona virus.

He appeals to anyone and everyone who has recovered from Covid-19, to please consider donating plasma. Any of the tertiary care hospitals in Mumbai and across India are accepting Plasma. It is a very simple procedure. 40 to 45 minutes, wherein you have to just lay down, read something and in the meanwhile they will collect the Plasma. It is a relatively very safe procedure, nothing to worry about. Most of all, it’s a very kind deed. Just like blood donation it’s a similar procedure. So, please consider donating plasma. According to Doctor, the more studies they have on it, the more one will be able to understand the disease better. As per reports there are a lot of patients who have recovered and are not ready to donate their plasma. We need to understand that Covid-19 being a very new disease, a lot of experimental therapies are going on and out of which, one of them is Plasma Donation or what is called Convalescent Plasma Therapy. So what happens is, when a patient recovered from Covid-19, has antibodies in their plasma and that is used to give it to someone who is battling Corona virus, with a moderate or severe symptoms, who is probably on a ventilator or in an ICU (Intensive care unit). By donating plasma, you can help save a life.

He also speaks very strongly about the fact that stigmatising the disease is something undesirable. It does to help anyone, nor the patient nor the society. He appeals to people, not to boycott the patient but through social distancing it’s important to care for them and cater to their needs.

He finally thanks the medical fraternity from the nurses, ward boys, janitors, cleaners and office staff in the hospital and the medical fraternity. As he feels, the doctors cannot function without their precious support. He wants the society to give them their duty, respect and credit. They are the backbone of any healthcare facility.

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