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Three, Dussehra special recipes from an Indian home kitchen… with naturopathy specialist, Mrs Rupal Arya.

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A special health tip to make a certain garam masala

India’s home kitchens are buzzing with flavours. The colour, the aroma, the ingredients, it’s all a special mix for your soul and for your palate. We are here in the home kitchen of Mrs Rupal Arya. What’s special about this kitchen, not that it makes some brilliant palatable cuisine, but it also combines it with Naturopathy, because she is a naturopath and she uses ingredients, which heals not just your body, but also your mind and your soul.

Mrs Rupal Arya
Homemaker, Naturopathy specialist, Painter, Singer

Rupal Arya, homemaker, naturopathy specialist shares some delightful culinary tips with us and 3 truly quick and delicious recipes for us to enjoy during the festive season. In the words of Rupal Arya…..

Hello Friends, I am Rupal Arya and wish you all a happy Dussera and a happy Diwali. Welcome to my home kitchen and I am showing some really easy but exciting recipes that will make your festive season very nice because it’s quick, instant and you’ll have time to spend for your festive, with your family. So friends, being a naturopath, I am going to share with you, a lovely Garam Masala (Indian spice mix) recipe for the Pitta Dosha (as per Ayurveda), which I think, will help the majority of the people.

Here is my recipe for the garam masala for the Pitta Dosha, which cools down the body. You can just dry roast this Dhaniya (Coriander seeds), some Sauff (fennel) and Jeera (cumin) seeds and some rose petals. Just roast it for 30 seconds. Then grind it and you can add in any of your garam masala. Mix all this to your own garam masala. You can either grind it or pound it.

Here is a simple menu but your guests and family will simply love it. Let’s begin with an instant Pulav.

Here I am with my first recipe, a Vegetable Pulav. Let’s begin.

The ingredients for Veg. Pulav is, rice soaked rice for one hour, chopped onions, grated carrots, green peas and garlic paste, two bay leaves and dry masala, we have Garam Masala, (Indian spice mix), turmeric and chilli powder and Salt a per taste.

Clarified Butter (the Ghee), but for the vegan, they can definitely use any vegetable oil.

Take a tablespoon of Clarified Butter (the Ghee), let it melt. We add the bay leaves. Let the flavour of the bay leaves, infuse in the Ghee. Then we add the chopped onion.

We add the salt according to taste. Then the garlic paste. You have to see, it becomes a little translucent. Then you add the masala, turmeric 1/4th teaspoon, 1 teaspoon chilli powder and one teaspoon Garam Masala. There goes the carrot and the peas and you can add any more vegetables according to your taste if you want to. Then add the rice. Especially in the winters, you can add red carrots. It is amazing. Then cover it and let it simmer for almost 10-15 minutes.

Just check, when the rice is done, it’s ready to serve.

Vegetable Pulav

This is my second recipe, Brown Chana, or Kala Chana masala.

The ingredients for the Brown Chana, or Kala Chana masala, is 2 onions, one tomato, 2 cloves of garlic, the Chana which was soaked overnight and then boiled in the cooker and then the Garam masala, I have added a little water, so that it does not burn when we cook it and salt to taste and again some Ghee.

Add onions, garlic and tomatoes to the grinder jar and we grind it to a paste and the gravy is ready. Add the bay leaves, the ghee and the tomato, onion garlic puree. Cook it really well for 8-9 minutes, because everything is raw and it has to be cooked very well.

You can add the masala paste. When the oil starts oozing out from the sides, then our masala is ready. Now add the Chana. It already has salt, so add a very little salt to the gravy. You can keep it dry or like a gravy, whatever consistency you want.

Let it cook for 10-15 minutes.

I will garnish it with some chopped coriander.

Brown Chana or Kala Chana Masala

We come to the end of our journey of Dasesra, Diwali and festivity food, with a sweet dessert, Shrikhand a favourite with everyone and even children can make this as it does not involve any cooking with fire.

I have taken some hung curd, or Greek Yogurt, and whisk it really well.

Add some sugar as per your taste. You can use Mishri, as it is good for your health. Add almonds.


3 truly quick and delicious recipes for us to enjoy during the festive season.

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