Chemical Bonding in Chemistry by Prof. Vishal Gawade, DM Tutorials | Chemistry | Std 10th

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  • Vishal Gawade (director science dept) - DM Tutorials
  • Chemistry: Chemical Bonding, Std. 10th ICSE

This chapter of Std 10th is an extension of chapter in Std 9th by the same name where we studied the Introduction to the 2 types of Chemical bonds which are Ionic Bonds and Covalent Bonds. Moving ahead in Std 10th we go into detail of the Types of Covalent bonds which is coordinate bond and polar covalent bonds.

Hope this video proves helpful in understanding the types of covalent bonds. You may post your questions in the comments section below and we will try to get the answers from the professors for you. Stay Home Stay Safe and All the best!

While all of us are stuck at home during this lockdown, how about we exercise our brain cells a bit! We have brought together a robust team of professors from DM Tutorials who will teach us important concepts in the subjects of Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

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